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Be Independent

When pool shopping, consult independent rating services, such as Consumer’s Digest, at the Web site: , which evaluates a variety of models and manufacturers. Only educated consumers can properly determine which water escapes-above ground or in-ground pools-best suit their individual needs and are worth the investment. Also contact the Better Business Bureau to check out the […]

Purchasing Tips

Make sure the vendor or contractor is properly licensed. The license number should appear in the company’s advertisement. Hire a company that has been in business long enough to have a track record you can check. Avoid those who don’t have an actual business address. Longevity at a location can be a sign of stability […]

Liner Characteristics

Dark versus light Pools with dark liners tend to be warmer. Lighter colors tend to look less faded as the liner ages. Dark colors printed on white background will show the most fade and may scratch easier. Liners with multiple colors will fade the fastest and scratch the easiest, especially if they are printed on white […]

Automatic Pool Cleaners

A good automatic pool cleaner is very important in reducing the amount of time a pool owner spends in cleaning his/her pool. They are probably the single most popular option. Don’t expect them to do 100% of the job. They will vacuum the pool and stir up fine debris but they won’t brush the pool […]


Salt Generators make maintaining your pool water a lot easier. A lot of people think that salt systems avoid chlorine but that’s not the case. They are actually CHLORINE GENERATORS. They are expensive up front but may save you money and time over the long run as they reduce dramatically the amount of sanitizers that must […]

Pool Lighting

Pool lights provide safety and create a nice atmosphere at night. They will show imperfections when on, especially with certain liners. (See “liners” above). Some complain about them attracting bugs but if that happens you can turn them off. Standard white light This is your basic pool light and gives off the brightest light. Color changing […]

Pool Heating

Gas heaters (Natural gas and propane) These are the most powerful heaters. They will heat the pool fast and to high temperatures. If you want to heat a pool during cold weather or be able to heat a pool on short notice this is the heater to have. They are, though, the most expensive heaters to […]

Coping Choices

Aluminum coping This is the standard coping that comes with most pools. It is made out of aluminum and it’s colored white. It can be repainted if it is scratched or faded. It is relatively smooth and easy on skin and bathing suits. Cantilever coping (About 50% thicker concrete over the pool wall compared to aluminum coping) […]